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Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Mail Order Catalog

Our online mail order catalog has been updated for the 2012 spring shipping season.  One of the advantages of having an online catalog, compared to a printed one, is the ability to update it throughout the season.  We add new plants as they are ready and remove plants that have grown too large to ship or to re-propagate them.

Many woodland and larger scale plants can only be shipped in early spring or late fall when they are dormant or nearly dormant. One of the challenges we face every year is getting winter dormant plants to customers before they become too large to safely ship.

For this reason, we have adjusted our spring shipping schedule to allow for earlier shipping of orders.  Upon arrival, these plants may need to be protected from severe late season weather.

Plants we ship mostly or completely dormant in spring include:

And that is just the beginning.  We invite you to browse our 2012 online mail order catalog of over 350 unusual and interesting plants.

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