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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pacific Horticulture Magazine

The Oregon specialty nursery community was highlighted in the Summer 2012 issue of Pacific Horticulture Magazine.  Wild Ginger Farm, along with our friends at Dancing Oaks Nursery and Joy Creek Nursery, were featured in an article entitled “Nurturing Plants & Gardeners:  Three specialty nurseries in Oregon offer fine plants, knowledgeable help, and inspirational gardens”.    You can read the online version at

Meanwhile, we are bracing for our first heatwave of the season.  Those of you who live in the Eastern half of the nation will not feel any sympathy for us since you have endured sweltering temperatures all summer.    In the Pacific Northwest, our temperatures have been so mild that some of us have wondered if we would miss summer entirely.   We now have our answer! 

Now, off to watering…  (Enjoy a few recent photos around the nursery.)

Tigridia pavonia - Yes, they are over the top but still fabulous

Billardiera longiflora, the fruit give this Chilean vine its common name of Blueberry Vine.

Clivia miniata can be grown outside in summer and is a great, easy care houseplant in winter

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  1. Very nice article. It's so nice to see all your expertise and hard work highlighted and shared with a wider audience.