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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weather Teeter Totter

While the eastern half of the nation enjoys warm temperatures and an early gardening season, Western Oregon is in the throes of record-breaking winter-like conditions.  Truls was out in the nursery for many hours overnight clearing wet and heavy snow off our hoop houses.  Meanwhile I huddled inside with our lazy Border Collies and my sore back.  The weather is improving this morning and I grabbed my camera to survey the results.  Truls’ hard work paid off and we survived another snowstorm without major damage to any structures or nursery plants.

The major casualty in the garden is the beautiful Japanese Maple near our deck.  Elsewhere the snow load has broken a few branches here and there.  

Garden plants are snug and protected beneath the layer of snow as seen here in the rock garden.

I am impressed that the temporary early season structure protecting the spring bulbs appears intact.  It was never meant for snow.  The orange seed pots on the near table are enjoying an extra measure of cold stratification.  We are always pleased to see a flush of germination in some pots after a storm.

The open air ramada has once again provided great protection to the cold hardy saxifrages.

Look closely and you can see how the alpine frame with its steeply pitched cover sheds snow with just the force of gravity.  It never needs attention during a snowstorm.

 Tour over, Lucy leads us home.  Happy Spring!


  1. No pictures this time, Emma; I couldn't see them by going to the website and opening up the blog there, either (photos intact on all the other blogs). Skip

  2. Thanks - It is my error and I will fix it!