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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autumn Gentian

Autumn Gentian

One of our favorite fall flowering perennials is the Autumn Gentian, Gentiana sino-ornata.  It forms a low mat of rooting stems with grassy foliage from which upward facing, trumpet shaped flowers open in late summer to early fall.

Autumn Gentian flowers most commonly occur in alluring shades of blue from sky blue to a deep marine blue.  They are generally palest at the base and often have streaks and spots.  Color variations occasionally occur in seed grown plants and we offer two additional selections as Wild Ginger Farm introductions.

Gentiana sino-ornata 'Moonlight'

Gentiana sino-ornata ‘Moonlight’ has vigorous bright green foliage and creamy white flowers.  It brightens up the garden in the fading light of fall.

Gentiana sino-ornata 'Stardust'
 Gentiana sino-ornata ‘Stardust’ is a striking Autumn Gentian dusted with tiny blue spots on a white background, creating the impression of a blue and white striped flower.

The solitary flowers often form showy clusters
 The Autumn Gentian is native to grassy slopes, meadows and forests in the mountains of SW China.  It requires well-drained, moderately fertile, acidic soil and regular water. As with many mountain plants, it is not a heat lover so it needs good light but some protection from the strongest sun.   It is reported to be quite cold hardy to -30 degrees F or lower. 

The Autumn Gentian growing in a propagation flat
 The Autumn Gentian makes a delightful addition to the open woodland garden, rock garden, trough or other well drained-container where it brightens the late season with its charming and beautiful flowers.

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