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Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Nursery Hours

Whew! We survived another hectic spring plant sale season with off site plant sales nearly every week.  Each spring we look forward to these sales but after six extremely busy weeks, it is also fun to have more nursery time.
Wild Ginger Farm nursery
 It should be a good year at the nursery.  We have lots of new plants in propagation and some will be ready for sale within a few weeks.  The gardens are beginning to wake up and we look forward to sprucing them up during the coming weeks.  Two of our most popular garden areas, the Lewisia mound and the miniature conifer rock garden already look great.  
Lewisia longipetala x cotyledon

The Lewisia have been slowed by our cold spring weather but are finally coming into flower.  At the nursery, we offer a number of Lewisia species and hybrids including Lewisia cotyledon, Lewisia pygmaea, Lewisia nevadensis and the extremely rare Lewisia glandulosa.  We also have a pretty Lewisia longipetala x cotyledon hybrid that is a beautiful trough addition.
Arisaema erupting

Arisaema speciosum v mirable

Many woodland plants are at their peak in spring and early summer.  The strange and wonderful Arisaema are rising from the ground with the promise of their cobra like flowers and striking foliage.  We are even seeing the earliest members of the hardy ginger family, Roscoea and Cautleya, begin to send out new shoots.  It won’t be long before we see their bright and colorful flowers.  And we have a fabulous selection of the famous Himalayan Blue Poppy ready for sale at the nursery.
Gorgeous Himlayan Blue Poppies including this Meconopsis 'Lingholm'

We plan a series of classes at the nursery this summer beginning on June 11th when our focus will be on Western native perennials.  I’ll blog in more detail about this later.  You can always check the Wild Ginger Farm homepage for our current open hours and event schedule. 
An alpine primula, Primula rusbyi

Throughout the summer, the nursery will be open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 10 am to 4.  We hope you will stop in and say hello!

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