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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March & April Nursery Hours

Iris chrysophylla
For those of you who enjoy visiting nurseries early in the season, we are going to be open during the next three weekends.  We will be open 10 – 4 this Saturday and Sunday and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the following two weekends. 

native Penstemons
In April, we will be open for a total of five days because of off-site plant sales.  Regular summer hours will resume in May when we are open on weekends and most Fridays.  We are also open other days by arrangement.

To view our nursery hours and also to see which plant sales you will find us at, please visit the Calendar Page of our website for all the details.  I also post the current nursery open hours on the Homepage.

The Giant Lily
With the weather finally beginning to trend toward normal temps, plants are starting to put on their spring growth spurt.  We are seeing early season woodland plants like Hepatica acutiloba, Sanguinaria canadensis, Trillium recurvatum and Erythronium budding up and beginning to flower.  The Giant Lily, Cardiocrium giganteum and a few Arisaema are also already “springing” into action.

Alpine enthusiasts will enjoy the early spring flowering of the cushion saxifrages and other alpines and everyone loves to see the early season flowering bulbs.  The species Tulips, Narcissus and Fritillaria are coming into flower and are such a cheerful sight.

Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl'

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