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Monday, August 9, 2010

Succulents in the Garden

Succulents are one of the highlights in our mid-summer garden.  We feature sedum species at dry garden edges where they thrive and put on a pretty flowering display. Pollinators such as honey bees and tiny native bees are attracted to the flowers and growing succulents helps maintain this important group. 
Sedum ellacombianum is a particular favorite.  It is extremely cold hardy as well as being heat and drought tolerant.  The bright green foliage and yellow flowers are bright spots in the summer garden and an added plus is the golden tones of the fall foliage as it dies back for its winter dormancy.

For evergreen succulents, it is hard to beat Hens and Chicks.  Sempervivums are very cold hardy and look their best during the cold winter months, many taking on red winter blush.  Our mass planting is one of our best looking winter and early season garden areas.  Their unusual flower stalks in summer are also great for attracting pollinators. 

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