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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Class at WGF - *update*

A large and enthusiastic group turned out today for our class "Create a Rock Garden".  It was a diverse group that included both experienced and novice rock gardeners, some with small garden spaces and others with large expanses to fill.  The goal of this 'kitchen sink' class was to provide an overview of how to plan, build, plant and care for a rock garden.  It was a lot to cover and we hope each attendee took home a few nuggets of information appropriate to their situation.

Future class topics will focus on more specific areas such as rock garden soil, crevice plantings, the sunny hillside rock garden and the shady rock garden.  Suggestions for class topics are always welcome!

Our next class 'Create an Alpine Container Garden' will be on Sunday July, 11th at 1 pm.   Attendees can bring their own container or purchase a trough or container here.  The cost is $15 for three plants, potting soil and rock accents.  Pre-registration by phone or email is required. Visit our website for contact info.

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  1. A great class - as you said, "a bit (or a lot) of something for everyone." The handout was very helpful, as well. I look forward to future sessions: 'Crevice Planting' anyone?